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Online security

Fidelity helps you protect your information, and your finances. We see this as an important part of building your trust.

Beware of scammers impersonating Fidelity

Fraudsters are making unsolicited contact with individuals and falsely claiming they represent Fidelity. Scammers state they are able to recover losses from previous investment frauds including crypto currency scams. To achieve this an upfront payment is required from the intended victim.

Any such contact is fraudulent. Fidelity do not offer any such loss recovery services and none of the described activity is in any way associated to Fidelity or our services.

This type of investment scam is known as a 'clone firm investment scam' and is on the rise - with firms across the financial services industry continuing to be cloned.

Keep your details safe

To keep your account secure, you shouldn't give out personal or financial information, account details or log-in details unless you are absolutely sure that the request for them is genuine.

Eight things that Fidelity will never do...

  1. Call or email to ask for your password
  2. Ask you to email or text your password, personal or financial information
  3. Email you a link to a page which asks for your log-in details
  4. Call to advise you of investment opportunities
  5. Send someone to your home to collect information or cash, or to offer investment opportunities
  6. Ask you to carry out a test transaction online
  7. Provide investment services through any mobile app other than our official app
  8. Ask you to authorise the transfer of funds to a third party or to hand over cash

Here to help

If you have any doubt over whether a caller is genuine, please contact our UK-based Customer Services team on 0800 3 68 68 84 (or on +44 1737 838262 if you are outside the UK).

How Fidelity protects you

Fidelity understands the importance of keeping your personal information secure. We use proven, industry-recognised security tools and processes to achieve this.

Spotted suspicious activity? Call us on 0800 3 68 68 84 (or on +44 1737 838262 if you are outside the UK)

Constant review and improvement
Automatic log off and safety lock
Website security
Cifas Protective Registration

Cybersecurity for everyone

Help and advice for staying safe at home, at work, online and on the move.

Read our booklet

How you can protect yourself

While we ensure that we employ the best security, there are a few things that you can do yourself to help ensure the security and privacy of your information.

Spotted suspicious activity? Call us on 0800 3 68 68 84 (or on +44 1737 838262 if you are outside the UK)

Update your antivirus software
Update your operating system
Use strong passwords
Enable security features on your wireless network
Protect your paper documents
Educate yourself about fraud and scams
Alert Cifas
Report suspicious activity to Fidelity