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Managing your retirement savings in uncertain times

If markets experience volatility, you may see changes in the value of your savings. Don’t panic.

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Beware of fraudsters impersonating Fidelity

We are aware of scammers posing as Fidelity and offering services we do not provide in an attempt to defraud people. Learn more about how to protect yourself online.

Your Employer and the Trustees of the International Retirement Savings Plan want your future to be as bright as possible. Fidelity administers the Plan on behalf of the Trustees. Through our on-line services you can keep track of your savings and read about how you can take action for today and tomorrow. Explore this website to find out more.

Plan today for tomorrow’s goals

Each person’s goal for their financial future is different. Knowing your goal is an important first step on your saving journey.

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How much should I save each year for retirement

The question of how much you should save is key to ensuring you maintain your lifestyle in retirement. Read our guidelines now.

Spending or saving - how to find the right balance

See how you can use our helpful rule-of-thumb to find the right balance between spending and saving.

Retirement on the horizon

How much money will you need in retirement? How do you pay for the lifestyle that you want? Complex questions. Check our guidelines to learn more.

PlanViewer - secure online account management

PlanViewer lets you check your savings are on track for your future goals. Register online using your staff number and your Fidelity reference number. Or, access PlanViewer through our easy-to-use app.