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Find out more about our complaints procedure.

How we handle complaints

Fidelity always strives to provide products and services of the highest standard. However, we realise there could be times when you may want to complain about an aspect of our work. We take all complaints extremely seriously and do our best to resolve them satisfactorily as quickly as we can.

The procedure outlined below applies to all complaints, whether they are received over the phone, by letter, fax, or email.

Acknowledging your complaint

We will acknowledge your complaint in writing within five working days of receiving it. If we receive a complaint outside normal working hours, it is treated as if it had arrived at the start of the next working day. In some cases we will have had enough time to look into the matter and see what has gone wrong. If so, we will give you a full response in this letter.

Complaints that need further investigation

If we do not reach a decision in time to include it in your acknowledgement letter, we will continue to investigate, in order to find out

  • What has gone wrong
  • Whether our service has fallen below the standard we strive to achieve
  • What needs to be done to put things right

No later than four weeks after we received your complaint we will write to you again. If we cannot give you the results of our investigation yet, our letter will explain why we are not yet in a position to do so and tell you when we will next contact you.

In the unlikely event that we have not finished investigating your complaint eight weeks after we received it, we will send you a further letter to:

  • Explain why we have not been able to reach a decision
  • Let you know when you can expect our final decision

When we send you a letter to say we have dealt with your complaint, we will give the reasons for any conclusions we have come to. If  you are not happy with our response, you can refer your complaint to your Trustees. We will make this clear to you.