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How your Plan’s default investment can work for you

Your Plan might have a default option. This is the fund or strategy that your savings are automatically invested in if you prefer not to choose your own investments.

Investing your savings

The trustees of your Plan invest your savings in managed funds, which hold money from investors like you. Through these funds, your savings are invested in assets such as company shares, government bonds and cash deposits.

There are two ways of deciding which funds your savings are invested in:

  • If you do not choose funds yourself, we will invest your contributions in the default option for your Plan. This may be a single fund or a number of funds combined as a strategy. You can find out what the default option for your Plan is when you login to PlanViewer.
  • If the rules of your Plan allow, you may be able to choose the funds yourself from the range available through your Plan. This is often called ‘self-select’ and it allows you to tailor an investment strategy to your individual goals. You can see which funds are available through your Plan when you login to PlanViewer. Each fund has its own fact sheet, and you have the option of asking an authorised financial adviser to help you choose.

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