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Your money, your future

In your 20s and 30s you’ve probably got many priorities competing for your attention. Retirement may seem a long way off but taking small steps today can help you reach your future goals.

Arun’s journey to an early retirement

Arun’s just 26 but is keen to retire ‘as soon as possible’. He’s been inspired by his dad, who retired in his 50s. Watch to find out how Arun is already moving towards his goals.

Quick wins

Feeling inspired and want to take action right now?


Time is money

The sooner you invest the more you could end up with. It’s all down to something called ‘compounding’.


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Tick something off the list

Take a look at your Plan checklist and find out what you can do today that will benefit you in the future.


Want to learn more about investing?

Having a retirement savings plan means you’re already an investor. But do you know how your savings are invested? Discover how a fund works, and what the different types of investments are.

I want to know more

Want to know exactly how much you can put aside each month?

Our simple budget planner can give you an overview of how and where you're spending your money each month. A very helpful way to know exactly how much you can afford to put aside and invest each month towards your future goals.

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Stay on top of your retirement savings

You can quickly and easily manage your savings by logging in to PlanViewer. From here, you can review your contributions, update your personal details, and see a snapshot of what your retirement savings might look like.